You Don’t Have To Be Responsible

This week on the Strangely Warmed podcast I speak with Andrew Whaley about the readings for the 7th Sunday After Epiphany [C] (Genesis 45.3-11, 15, Psalm 37.1-11, 39-40, 1 Corinthians 15.35-38, 42-50, Luke 6.27-38). Andrew is the lead pastor of Raleigh Court Presbyterian Church in Roanoke, VA. Our conversation covers a range of topics including The Frozen Chosen, the death of Christendom, striking the familiar, preservation, delighting in delight, body positivity, Christians as losers, Karl Barth on neighbors, and the uniqueness of the church. If you would like to listen to the episode or subscribe to the podcast you can do so here: You Don’t Have To Be Responsible

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